New city center tea course aims for life at a slower tempo

Xu Lingchao
White collar workers in Lujiazui now have another choice to grab a little leisure from their busy day after a tea culture experience center settled in.
Xu Lingchao

White collar workers in Lujiazui, Shanghai's financial center, now have another choice to grab a little leisure from their busy day after a tea culture experience school settled in.

Tea Mate School, a cultural Chinese tea themed platform that offers traditional Chinese tea, painting and philosophy courses, is advocating the regression to life at a slower tempo.

The school has collaborated with renowned institutions like Fudan University and Zhejiang University in designing the course. 

Bao Lili, global promotion ambassador of Chinese tea culture in World Expos, said from painting, music, calligraphy to philosophy, tea culture is involved in all aspects of Chinese culture.

Team Mate aims to further protect and study tea culture in the future, leaving a trace of both academic research and artistic practice so that the ancient culture will continue. 

It also worked with Jingang Museum on 888 Yuanzhong Road in Pudong and established a tea exhibition section, where over 50 tons of different teas were stored.

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