Report focuses on Shanghai's job market

High salaries are attractive but high living expenses deter some of the job seekers.

Shanghai is attractive to talent for vibrant opportunities and handsome salaries, but high living expenses and rocketing housing price have been an obstacle, according to a Shanghai talent report released on Friday by online recruitment agency

Liepin studied 630,000 job seekers registered on the website and interviewed 3,000 white-collar workers in Shanghai. Nearly 70 percent of them are aged from 25 to 35 and earn annual salary between 100,000 (US$15,650) and 300,000 yuan.

The report said one of the biggest factors that attracts people to Shanghai is the high salary, with an average annual salary of 236,500 yuan. Shanghai ranks the second among the top 10 cities, following Beijing where annual salary is 6,300 yuan higher.

In Shanghai, finance is the most lucrative industry which offers annual salary of an average of 286,600 yuan, followed by real estate with 274,900 yuan and Internet with 251,400 yuan.

However, Shanghai just ranks the 11th in the country’s 15 most popular working destinations because of high living expenses and rocketing housing prices. So, the city government has released a series of favorable policies in household, housing and other fields to attract professionals, according to the report. 

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