Three-year plan published amid district's dedication to city's four brands cause

As the western gateway of Shanghai, Putuo District is committed to join and contribute to the city government's campaign to promote its four brands.

As the western gateway of Shanghai, Putuo District is committed to join and contribute to the city government’s campaign to promote its four brands — manufacturing, service, shopping and culture.

The district government has released a three-year plan to create a number of influential functional platforms, industrial highlands, business landmarks and cultural brands to cap the four brands’ construction campaigns.

Putuo intends to deliver high-quality development and improve living standards, in line with its development target of creating a practical zone for science and technology-driven transitions, as well as a livable and eco-friendly environment.

“Putuo will take the shopping brand as its main development direction and create a new consumption highland,” said Cao Liqiang, the Party chief of Putuo. The district has a history of business and commerce, which bodes well for future development, Cao added.

To help establish the brand of Shanghai service Putuo aims to create an ideal development atmosphere for top enterprises, organizations and professionals.

By 2020, the service sector of Putuo will account for 90 percent of the district’s total industrial amount.

Shanghai manufacturing will be highlighted by Putuo’s core competence on high-end fabrication industries. The district is targeted at being a highland in the intelligence industry in downtown Shanghai as well as the Yangtze River Delta region. Around three national and city-level engineering research centers, innovative leagues or key laboratories will be based in Putuo by 2020.

Putuo also aims to become a dynamic region on shopping and consumption to contribute to the Shanghai shopping brand.

A number of distinctive and quality shopping landmarks are being created in Putuo, incorporating business, travel, culture and sports.

Four influential shopping landmarks will be established in Putuo by 2020 to become the city’s demonstration zone on the new retail business.

The cultural and historical resources along Suzhou Creek will be promoted as an important brand on Shanghai culture. Each of the 18 bays of the creek in Putuo will have its own outstanding cultures.

The cultural service industry will keep a double digit increase on year by 2020.

To achieve these goals, the Putuo government has released 10 projects, including improving its functions to serve the integration of Yangtze River Delta region, enhancing services for scientific innovation companies as well as improving the living standards of its residents.

As a highlight, Putuo will promote its history as the Communist Party of China’s birthplace. A new memorial museum will be built on the former “half-day school” for workers in Huxi, or west Shanghai, while the iconic Huxi revolutionary history museum will undergo a major renovation.

New technologies and exhibits will be added to the memorial hall of Gu Zhenghong (1905-1925), a martyr who died in a massacre against a local workers’ strike in 1925.

Other patriotic sites, such as the Suzhou Creek Industrial Civilization Museum, will also be renovated.

Furthermore, pedestrian paths, sightseeing platforms, public plazas and illumination systems will be created along Suzhou Creek, along with an ongoing cleanup campaign on the waterway. A cultural sightseeing belt with international standard will be also created by 2020.

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