'Cute' robot employed as legal adviser may reduce frustrations

A robot now works at the litigation service hall of the city's Higher People's Court.

A walking, talking robot has been employed to guide procedures and provide legal counselling at the Litigation Services Hall of the Shanghai Higher People’s Court.

The robot, called Fabao or litigation baby, is embedded with artificial intelligence. It can answer questions like how to file a lawsuit and where to submit the required documents. It can also process applications and guide applicants to the correct window to submit said documents.

The robot saves time and is more efficient, while being "cute" and relieving a bit of frustration that applicants troubled with legal problems may be experiencing, Zhang Bin, deputy director of the court, said.

The court built an online legal services counselling and processing platform in 2014, the first of its kind in the country. By December 2017 it had provided services 5.83 million times.

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