Shanghai's only medical union for cancer diagnosis and treatment performs well

A medical union led by Shanghai Cancer Center is leading the fight against cancer.
Ti Gong / Shanghai Cancer Center

Doctors from Shanghai Cancer Center discuss complicated cases with doctors from hospitals in the medical union through the long-distance network.

A medical union led by Shanghai Cancer Center is leading the fight against cancer.

Shanghai has established many medical unions over the years, but this is the first one that provides the city with treatment specifically targeting cancer.

The union, established in 2016, is made up of 11 hospitals from five of the city's districts — Xuhui, Changning, Jinshan, Minhang and Baoshan — as well as three hospitals in Jiangsu Province and one in Zhejiang Province.

Since the alliance was formed, over 600 patients have been transferred to Shanghai Cancer Center from grassroots hospitals for treatment, while another 5,000 were moved from the center to lower-level hospitals after surgery for rehabilitation.

All hospitals in the union follow the same clinical practices and medical guidelines and encourage patients to receive cancer treatment in hospitals near their homes, as long-distance consultation, quick patient transfer and sharing of medical resources are available.

“We also offer training for medical staff to improve their capabilities,” said Dr Wu Jiong, vice president of Shanghai Cancer Center.

“Only those who have received training, passed an examination and got a license have the right to transfer patients within the medical union.”

An Internet-based, long-distance analysis and consultation platform was established to offer “cloud diagnosis.”

Grassroots hospitals can upgrade patients’ medical information and imaging so specialists at the Shanghai Cancer Center can give an accurate diagnosis through the platform.

“Through the medical union, hospitals can share medical resources and allow patients to enjoy same quality service near their homes, offering great convenience to the public,” Dr Guo Xiaomao, president of Shanghai Cancer Center said. “The long-distance diagnosis network can shorten patients' waiting times and the trouble of going all the way to the leading hospital.”

Apart from diagnosis and treatment, cancer screening and prevention is also very important.

The Shanghai Cancer Center is the only hospital completely committed to cancer prevention and early cancer screening in the city.

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