Tests show nearly half of baby pacifiers to be substandard

Quality watchdog finds serious problems that could jeopardize health, safety of infants.

Almost one in every two baby pacifiers checked by the city’s quality watchdog failed tests, with some having serious problems such as excessive volatile substances.

The Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau tested 20 batches of baby pacifiers sold online, and found eight of them to be substandard, the watchdog revealed over the weekend. All of the substandard items were sold on Shanghai-registered online shopping site yhd.com.

Testing covered general safety requirements, mechanical and chemical properties, and product information.

Among them, five batches failed for containing excessive amounts of volatile substances. Such substances can be potentially ingested during use, with possible serious health consequences, bureau officials warned. The batches in question, included those branded with the names "benber," "Anbeibao," "albo," "Vrlueder" and "Anpei."  

Six batches of pacifiers bearing the brands "Anbeibao," "benber," "Anpei," "thyseed," "albo" and "mumlove" did not have proper mouth shields, according to the bureau. Such shields protect infants from swallowing the nipple of pacifier, which could potentially lead to suffocation.

Two batches, branded "Anbeibao" and "mumlove," failed for having parts that could separate, a condition that could also lead to potential injury.

Seven batches were not up to labeling and instruction standards, which may affect the use and hygiene of the pacifiers, according to the bureau.

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