Drunk, unlicensed pair claim to be passers-by after collision

Both denied at first that they were the drivers of the two cars involved in the accident, only admitting it later.

Two drivers, one drunk and the other without a license, claimed to be passers-by when police arrived at the scene of an accident, but that didn’t spare them punishment.

The accident took place at about 10:45pm on Wansheng Road in suburban Fengxian District on May 22, police said Monday.

Both cars were severely damaged after the collision, and a passer-by called police.

When police arrived on the scene, the two drivers, one surnamed Li and the other surnamed Xu, claimed they were not the drivers of the two cars, contrary to witness accounts.

Faced with the allegations of witnesses, Li admitted first that he had drunk wine before getting behind the wheel, and both drivers were taken to the station for further investigation.

The whole episode was also recorded by a surveillance camera facing the street.

Fengxian police

A surveillance camera nearby, facing the street, recorded the entire accident.

Li was found to have a blood-alcohol level of 185mg/100ml, which meant he was drunk driving, while Xu was found to be driving after drinking and was unlicensed, according to police.

For drunk driving, Li could face a criminal charge, and his license has been annulled with no possibility to apply for a new one for the next five years.

Xu was punished with 15 days' detention and fined 3,500 yuan (US$545) for driving without a license and driving after drinking for a second time, police said.

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