Shanghai's traffic system ready and waiting for gaokao students

Shanghai's Metro, buses and taxis are ready and waiting to ensure the city's gaokao participants get to their exams on time.

China's college entrance examination, known as gaokao, will take place from June 7 to 9, with Shanghai's Metro, buses and taxis all offering their services to get participants to their exams on time.

From June 2, the city's four taxi firms — Qiangsheng, Dazhong, Jinjiang and Haibo — opened exclusive reservation lines for candidates. More than 4,000 have booked taxis on the day of their exams to ensure they are not late.

Tang Jian, manager of Qiangsheng, said that by June 6 some 1,900 taxis had been booked to pick up candidates. Haibo taxi firm offered 300 special taxis for candidates, all of which are booked out.

Buses passing exam venues will silence their on-board announcements and drivers will verbally tell passengers the stops they are approaching so as not to disrupt exams.

Medical kits and sunstroke prevention articles have also been prepared at bus terminals close to exam venues.

Participants taking the Metro to exam venues will be provided a green channel where they don’t have to line up at stations during the morning rush. Volunteers will be sent to stations near exam venues to help those out who are not familiar with directions.

On top of all these preparations, State Grid Shanghai Company have prepared 150 emergency teams in case the power supply around exam venues is disrupted. Maintenance workers will patrol 86 power distribution stations, providing electricity for venues in the event of a possible glitch.

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