Qingpu District and Suzhou enter 'deep' cooperation

Suburban Qingpu District will collaborate with Suzhou of Jiangsu Province following the signing of a cooperation agreement on June 6.

Suburban Qingpu District will enter "deep" collaboration with Suzhou of Jiangsu Province following the signing of an agreement on June 6 which will focus on urban planning, industrial promotion and public services.

The two regions will look into the possibility of building up a universal health care and supervision system. Meanwhile, Qingpu and Suzhou will join hands to organize various sports events revolving around Dianshan Lake.

Qingpu will further cooperate with Wujiang and Kunshan towns of Suzhou on infrastructure planning.

A summit to discuss the protection of water towns distributed around the lake in Qingpu and Suzhou will also be held, and the two regions will work together to apply for inclusion on the world heritage list for the small towns.

By the end of this month, the Wujiang authority will shut down 40 unlicensed marinas along the upper reaches of Taipu River, which connects Taihu Lake in Jiangsu and Huangpu River.

The water authority of the two regions will also make plans to clear out hyacinth plants in the water and monitor the air quality as part of preparations for the upcoming China International Import Expo.

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