Summer power plans to ensure sufficient supply during hottest days

The power peak of the city this summer will reach 3,300 kilowatts as State Grid Shanghai takes measures to ensure sufficient supply during the hottest days of the year.

The power load peak of the city during summer is estimated to reach 3,300 kilowatts, State Grid Shanghai said.

State Grid has upgraded 1,760 power distribution stations and 1,174 kilometers of 10kV cables citywide to insure power supply. The upper limit of power capacity the company can provide will be 3,600 kilowatts. 

In order to quickly react to urgent issues, State Grid has organized a maintenance team of 1,600 workers who will be standing by 24/7.

The power company calls on office buildings and shopping malls to keep their air conditioning temperatures at or above 26 degree Celsius during the scorching days of summer in order to save power. 

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious acts, such as the storage of goods under high voltage power lines which may cause accidents, to the company by dialing 95598.

On the other hand, as the China International Import Expo draws near, the campaign to remove overhead cables is also in full swing. The power company has managed to connect underground cables before the overhead ones are cut off so as to avoid blackouts.

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