Hefty bonus to attract top talent

Jiading District will offer up to 5million yuan (USD 781,000) bonus to overseas talent with top scientific or entrepreneurial projects to attract them to settle in.

Jiading District will offer up to 5 million yuan (US$781,000) in bonus money to lure overseas talent to the area, according to authorities in the district.

This is so far the largest such bonus offered by a district to top foreign professionals.

Four Nobel Prize winners have established research projects in Jiading since 2015. Aaron Ciechanover, the Noble Prize winner in chemistry in 2004, has set up a cell therapy center in the district to look for affordable cancer treatment.

Apart from attracting foreign talent, Jiading has launched a five-year plan to cultivate 20 young talent and projects every year. People and projects that show potential will be awarded a 100,000 yuan bonus.

Jiading will step up communication with professionals in Kunshan and Taicang, in Jiangsu Province, to promote development of the Yangtze Delta area.

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