Bloomsday themed boat to delight Ulysses fans on the Huangpu River

May the "stream of consciousness" of the novel flow with the Huangpu River!

For the first time Bloomsday, which celebrates Ulysses, an iconic novel of the Irish writer James Joyce, will take place on a boat cruising the Huangpu River.

The Irish Consulate General said on Tuesday that it expects about 200 people from both the Irish community in Shanghai and local Ulysses fans for the unique, hour-long celebration to be held on Saturday noon.

Guests will be able to tour some scenes from the novel on the themed boat, hear a recital from a famous Irish Joyce expert, and enjoy Irish music played by a renowned Irish violinist and fiddle player.

Irish and Chinese fans of Ulysses will give readings of their favorite passages from the novel during the tour.

Fans are encouraged to dress up in Joycian vintage clothes and compete for a fashion prize, while the consulate will provide accessories for the celebrating crowd.

Bloomsday celebrates Thursday 16 June, 1904, which is the day depicted in Ulysses and named after Leopold Bloom, the central character of the novel.

The first major celebration of Bloomsday came in 1929 in France, and the first Bloomsday celebrated in Ireland was in 1954.

In Shanghai, the Irish Consulate General has been organizing Bloomsday celebrations for over 10 years.

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