Overhead eyesores coming down

City to remove 50 kilometers of unsightly wires and cables.

Over 50 kilometers of overhead cables are in the process of being pulled down, said Shanghai Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission yesterday.

This effort is part of a citywide campaign to remove and replace Shanghai's unsightly overhead cables and wires.

The cables around Astor House Hotel in Huangpu District will be removed within the month, said Huang Yongping, head of the commission. A set of multifunction street lamp poles that feature traffic lights, road signs and surveillance cameras have been set in front of the former hotel.

Citywide, all overhead cables around the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Qingpu District will be removed before the end of September, just ahead of the China International Import Expo.

The remaining black wires in downtown Huangpu will also finish demolition around the same time, of which 11.3 kilometres will be buried underground.

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