Police share traffic safety tips with foreign students in WeChat group

Scan a QR code, get in a WeChat group, raise your questions to the traffic police and get useful tips.
Tang Yuxin / Ti Gong

Ni explains to two foreign students the importance of having e-bikes registered.

To about 6,000 foreign students studying in Yangpu District, the district police have introduced a WeChat group where traffic safety tips and important traffic news are shared by the police.

A promotion of this WeChat group, started by Ni Jiahui, a young traffic police officer working in the district, was held at Fudan University on Friday.

Information boards in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean told about legal registration and use of e-bikes, the danger of drunk driving and how to tell fake taxis from authentic ones.

Tang Yuxin / Ti Gong

Ni distributes leaflets on traffic safety in English to two foreign students.

Ni said e-bike users among foreign students are the major targeted group.

“In our daily work, we have stopped a good number of foreign students whose e-bikes were not registered, and they seemed to have no idea that e-bikes have to be registered with the police in China,” he said.

Another frequent offense from e-biking foreign students is taking an adult on the bike, he added.

Kim Min Ji, a student from South Korea, said she bought an e-bike about a year ago and has once been fined by the traffic police for taking a person on the bike.

“I now avoid doing that when I ride it out on the street,” she said.

Deng Haibing, an official in charge of foreign student affairs at the university, said she and her colleagues will make sure to distribute the leaflets on traffic safety prepared by the police because those are meaningful materials for the students.

Ni said similar promotions will be held in other universities with a larger number of foreign students later.

He said students are welcome to raise questions regarding traffic safety in the WeChat group.

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