Shanghai tourists rescued in Zhejiang

Authorities come to aid of 33 stranded tourists. No injuries reported, say police. 

A group of stranded hikers from Shanghai were rescued from a canyon in neighboring Zhejiang Province on Saturday after phoning police.

Shanghai police received a call at about 7pm on Saturday from a man surnamed Fan who claimed that about 30 people, including himself, were stuck in Zhedong Canyon. The canyon is located in Ninghai county, Zhejiang Province.

Shanghai police contacted their counterparts in Zhejiang, who reported around 8pm that flash floods caused by heavy rains had trapped the party inside the canyon.

By 10:40pm, about 180 police and rescue workers had arrived at the scene, and all members of the stranded group were confirmed safe about half an hour later, according to police.

By 5am yesterday, all trapped tourists had been rescued using a temporary bridge.

The trapped group included 33 people, including six tour guides, and 11 tourists under 18 years of age, police said.

Shanghai police confirmed yesterday that none of the tourists were injured.

Police warn hikers to use caution when traveling during the plum rain season, which is now in effect.

Shanghai law enforcement began working more closely with colleagues in neighboring Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces in 2010. Police say they have cooperated on over 42,000 cases and caught over 5,200 suspects in the past eight years.

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