Primary school kids learn water safety before summer break

13 water safety volunteers have visited eight primary schools across the city to promote awareness of water safety since May.

Learning  cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration, tying fishing knots and recognizing safety signs, the 800 children of Baode Road primary school in Jing’an District had a refreshing class about water safety on Monday morning.

According to statistics from the city’s traffic authority, more than 30,000 children die from drowning in China every year, accounting for over 40 percent of all accidental deaths among children.

The situation in Shanghai is better, said Lu Hui from the city’s education commission. But still, tragic news of children drowning still devastates families every year.

“Some children and parents are not aware of the importance of water safety,” said Lu. “The campaign aims to bring more awareness to children as the summer vacation is coming, which is a popular time for hitting the water."

As part of activities to mark Maritime Day on July 11, 13 volunteers from Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration and Donghai Rescue Bureau have been to eight primary schools in the city to promote awareness of water safety since May.

“I love swimming but now I’ve learned never to swim in rivers or lakes,” said Zhou Zhiyun, a third-grade student who goes back to her hometown of Chongqing every summer. “I will also tell my friends back home not to do so.”

A short animation promoting water safety was released on Monday in the primary school as well. Using animated characters, the film brings down-to-earth instructions on how to avoid drowning and what to do if you spot someone in trouble in the water.

A volunteer fastens a life jacket on a student Monday during the water safety promotion campaign at Baode Road primary school.

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