Guyi Garden blooms with lotus-lily exhibition

Event starts Friday and will feature more than 600 flower varieties. 
Guyi Garden blooms with lotus-lily exhibition
Ti Gong

Visitors take photographs of lotuses at Guyi Garden in suburban Jiading District. 

A lotus and water lily exhibition featuring more than 600 flower varieties, including rare species, will kick off on Friday at the Guyi Garden in Jiading District. The exhibition will last until July 29.

Visitors can appreciate lotus species recorded in “Qun Fang Pu,” a book about flowers from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), as well as hybrid and artificially pollinated varieties like “sleeping beauty” and “stars,” and new varieties like “rosy clouds.”

Several rare lotus and water lilies on display were introduced from abroad, including some international award-winners. The flowers help form beautiful landscapes amid bridges, lakes and pavilions, adding a splash of color to the garden.

Some flowers are displayed at the iconic suburban garden’s water lily pond and bonsai area.

Lotus-related cultural events, such as an exhibition of Dongba culture, dating more than 2,000 years ago to the Naxi people, is on display. A ceramics exhibition and flower arrangement exhibition will also be held during the event.

Gardening performances and tuanshan (circular fan) classes will also take place at the garden.

A lotus feast, featuring food items made from lotus roots and water lilies, will be served as well.

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