Cool days ahead after scorching heat

It will cool down a bit from Thursday with the highest temperature dropping below 35 degrees due to the weakening of subtropical high pressure.

A doctor applies a sanfu patch to a patient yesterday at Shanghai Ren-ai Hospital. With the approach of sanfu, the hottest period of the year on the Chinese lunar calendar, many people are seeking TCM therapies. The patches are coated with herbal paste and applied to the chest and back. They are believed to warm the lungs and help the kidney. 

Today will bring some relief from the heat after two days with high temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, forecasters said.

The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau issued this summer’s second orange alert for heat at 8:53am yesterday. The high of 36.6 degrees was recorded at the benchmark Xujiahui weather station.

According to the weather bureau, temperatures will cool from today as a subtropical high pressure mass moves southwards. With plum rain season still on, skies will be mostly overcast and rainy during the remainder of the month, with the high dropping to around 30 degrees. The humid days will last into early July.

Today the temperatures will range from 27 to 34 degrees, with skies to be cloudy, with scattered showers. From Friday to Monday, skies will be mostly grey, with some thundershowers and temperatures between 26 and 31 degrees.

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