Man 'in bad mood' scratches over 50 cars

The suspect scratched cars of his neighbors and could face the criminal charge of "picking quarrels and making trouble," police said.

A man has been detained for allegedly scratching over 50 cars in a few residential complexes in downtown Xuhui District, police said on Thursday.

About 20 victims have contacted the police, and the loss they suffered was estimated to be 50,000 yuan (US$7,600).

The incident took place on the early morning of June 12, and several owners of the damaged cars found out later that morning, police said.

Most of the damaged cars were found in Dong’an Yicun, Ercun and Sicun.

Through footage of surveillance cameras and investigation among the residents, police soon laid their suspicion on a man surnamed Yang who lives in one of the residential complexes.

Yang, a 32-year-old local, was caught on the evening of June 14.

Xuhui police

Yang allegedly owns up to have scratched the cars.

Xuhui police

One of the cars scratched by the suspect.

The suspect allegedly claimed that he scratched the cars with a key because he was in a bad mood due to long time unemployment and loss of a mobile phone a few days before.

Police said Yang could face the criminal charge of “picking quarrels and making trouble.”

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