Jing'an orienteering challenge links the district's landmarks

About 800 people took part in an orienteering contest linking the district's 20 landmarks.
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Runners start their journey from the Jing’an Workers’ Stadium

About 800 people in 160 teams took part in an orienteering contest in Jing’an District on Saturday along a route to recall local history and feel the social development.

The route was linked by 20 landmarks such as revolutionary site of Sihang Warehouse Battle Memorial, modern Life Hub @ Daning retail mall and the perfect example of the combination of work and life — Shibei High Technology Park.

“Many of the sites are not new to me, but it made me feel quite new to visit these places today,” said participant Jia Yong, 31-year-old white collar in Jing’an. “It impressed me a lot when I saw numerous holes on the facade of the decades-old Sihang Warehouse, where Chinese and Japanese soldiers engaged in a fierce battle. We have to love our days and love peace.”

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