City stops use of rabies vaccines from Jilin firm

Shanghai has stopped using the rabies vaccines made by a life sciences company in Changchun, Jilin Province which was found with fabricating records by China's top drug watchdog.

Shanghai has stopped using rabies vaccines made by a company in Changchun, Jilin Province, following an investigation by the country’s top drug watchdog, the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday.

Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences was found to have fabricated records related to its production of rabies vaccines, a serious breach of drug quality-management regulations, the National Drug Administration concluded after reviewing the company’s records.

Potentially defective vaccines from the company have not hit the market and have been accounted for, according to the administration.

Central authorities have ordered the Jilin Province Food and Drug Administration to revoke the company’s certification to manufacture drugs and to suspend its production of rabies vaccines. The Jilin administration has also established a team to further investigate the matter.

The company has started recalling its rabies vaccines nationwide.

Local residents who have been inoculated with vaccines from Changchun Changsheng should consult their physicians. Those who have already started a course of the company’s vaccines can continue with vaccines from other manufacturers, according to the local disease control center.

The incidence of human rabies is low in Shanghai, with cases in the single digits over recent years, the center said. Still, the risk of contracting rabies has not been eliminated. 

Rabies vaccines are a major product of Changchun Changsheng, and 20.78 million vaccine injections made by the company hit the market in 2017, according to the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control. 

An annual report from the company showed that its rabies vaccines could treat 3.55 million people last year, making it the second largest producer of rabies vaccines in the country.

Last year, the company sold 3.05 million rabies vaccines and recorded a sales volume of 734 million yuan (US$109.8 million), accounting for 47.7 percent of its business turnover.

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