Malicious software used by scammers

In a recent case, the victims were made to install malicious softwares on their phones which enable call interception or transfer so that the police couldn't warn them by phone.

Shanghai police are warning citizens to be aware of telecom scammers who use malicious mobile software to block police intervention.

Shanghai police started a telecommunications and online fraud squad two years ago. The squad uses technology which detects phone calls and messages from con artists, and then warns potential victims.

Yet some scammers are tricking people into downloading malicious software that can intercept incoming calls except for those from scammers, police said.

One such case was discovered on July 6 in Baoshan District.

A man surnamed Jin received a call from an individual claiming to be from the Beijing police. The “officer” asked Jin to assist “an investigation” by purchasing a new mobile phone and installing an app.

The app transferred all of Jin’s incoming calls to the scammer’s number and also intercepted all his SMS messages, police said.

After local police registered this suspicious exchange, they called Jin’s number but were told by someone in a strange accent that he was not involved in a scam. Investigators contacted Jin’s father and soon located him in a hotel, where they informed him of the scam before he could transfer funds to the scammers.

Malicious software used by scammers
Baoshan police

After the victim clicks on "Yes", the malicious app will replace the SMS message app on the phone to read all in-coming messages.

Malicious software used by scammers
Baoshan police

The app also lists all major banks in China and through it the victims can type in their ID card and bank account information.

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