New brain science industry park opens

A brain intelligence park is built to conduct researches on nonhuman primate models, brain science and brain-inspired intelligence, brain disease diagnosis and treatment.

A newly established brain intelligence park will help develop key technologies and lead the growth of brain-science enterprises, the Institute of Neuroscience at the Chinese Academy of Sciences said yesterday.

The G60 Brain Intelligence Innovation Park, located in Songjiang District’s G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley, is co-founded by the CAS Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology and the district government.

The park will feature an international center for nonhuman primate disease modeling, a national brain intelligence technology research and transformation center, and also serve as a source for new medicine development and the intelligent technology industry, the institute said.

According to Pu Muming, director of the neuroscience institute, monkey cloning technology plays an important role at the park. He told Shanghai Daily that since the brains of monkeys are similar to human brains, cloning technology can aid research into gene editing, brain-inspired intelligence and the development of new brain disease drugs.

Pu said the park will research technologies like somatic cell cloning to build brain disease models and improve current gene editing, cell cloning and assisted reproductive technologies.

The park will also host research on non-invasive brain activity controls, brain-computer interfacing, as well as gene and cell therapies. 

A Good Laboratory Practice lab will be set up in the park to provide evaluation of new drugs developed by domestic and overseas companies.

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