TV talk show invites scientists to popularize research achievements

"Touch Future: Scientific Leaders" invites scientists and experts to share insights in areas like medical treatment, artificial intelligence, and bioengineering.

Sixteen Shanghai scientists and experts will share their latest scientific research achievements and insights with local TV audiences through a talk show program starting this Saturday.

The eight-episode series “Touch Future: Scientific Leaders” covers themes and topics like medical treatment, artificial intelligence, bioengineering, sea exploration, space exploration, and human brain research.

Two scientists are invited to take part in each episode, which lasts for 50 minutes. During the program, they will present remarkable achievements or inventions in their areas and share with audiences their insights and stories.

The invited scientists including Li Qingfeng, vice president of Shanghai No. 9 People’s Hospital, who will introduce “face-change” technology, and Yu Wenxian, dean of Jiao Tong’s Academy of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, who will talk about the Beidou Navigation Satellite System.

“To acquire knowledge is no longer a problem thanks to well-developed communication methods and technology — it’s the scientists’ thinking mode and explorative spirit that we want the audience to learn about,” Zhong Qian, deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission’s science popularization department said.

Jointly introduced by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Media Group, “Touch the Future: Scientific Leaders” will screen at 10:30pm on the News Channel from July 21 to 28.


“Touch Future: Scientific Leaders” will be shown at 10:30pm on the News Channel from July 21 to 28.

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