More trains suspended because of typhoon Ampil

More trains are suspended on July 22 because of Ampil
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All high-speed trains on the Shanghai-Ningbo and the Shanghai-Hangzhou line from 9am to 5pm will be suspended on July 22 due to typhoon Ampil, said China Rail Company.

On the Shanghai-Beijing line, high-speed trains will only operate between Beijing and Nanjing in Jiangsu Province during 9am to 5pm. High-speed trains departing from Shanghai to Beijing will depart from Nanjing instead.

High-speed trains operating between Nanjing and Qidong which is also in Jiangsu Province will all be suspended. But local trains service on the line, like the green trains, will not be affected.

High-speed trains on Hangzhou-Ningbo line and some other train routes operating closed to the coast will be suspended as well.

This is the largest scope of railway suspension in recent five years. The rail company suggest passengers to keep track with open information at train stations, official WeChat account, Weibo and 12306 APP, to track the up-to-date schedule of trains as more may be suspended depending on the weather.

Those who have already purchased train tickets can go to the ticket windows at the three major train stations to get a full refund.

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