Man detained for injuring traffic police assistant

The rider, who had an adult on his bike, said he tried to escape from the police to avoid a fine, but now police say he could face three years behind bars.

An e-bike rider has been detained for refusing to stop for a police check and injuring a traffic police assistant, police said on Tuesday.

The incident happened on the afternoon of July 16 at the crossroads of Pucang Road and Chengzhong Road E. in suburban Qingpu District.

The man, surnamed Hei, was illegally carrying an adult when riding past a police road block near the crossroads, police said.

Zhong Yifan, a police assistant, told Hei to stop for a check, but he turned around, sped up and tried to escape, surveillance footage showed.

Qingpu police

Zhong chased after Hei and grabbed onto his e-bike, but Hei rode on for over 10 meters till the officer fell to the ground.

Hei was later caught in a residential complex on Chengzhong Road E.

Zhong was slightly injured on his hands and legs, police said.

Hei said he was trying to escape the fine for his offense and regretted what he had done.

E-bike riders who illegally carry passengers over 12 years of age are fined 30 yuan (US$5), but now Hei could face the criminal charge of obstructing police work. If convicted he faces up to three years in prison, police said.

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