Metro operations to be challenged by baby expo

The operation of Line 2 will be adjusted during the expo. Nearby Metro stations are also expecting large passenger flows.

The National Exhibition and Convention Center will hold the 18th Children Baby Maternity Expo of China from Wednesday to Friday, which is expected to put pressure on the Metro system.

Some 270,000 people are expected to venture out and see the expo, according to the organizer.

Metro East Xujing, Hongqiao Railway Station, and Zhuguang Road stations will possibly face large passenger flows, Shanghai Shentong Metro Groups said.

During the expo, Line 2 will put extra trains into operation. A temporary bus line will shuttle between the north plaza of the expo venue and Hongqiao public transport hub near Terminal 2 of Hongqiao Airport.

The bus service will operate from 3pm to 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday, and from 10am to 5pm on Friday. The departure interval is 15 minutes.

At East Xujing Station, some of the exits will only be open for entering or leaving alone, and metro operators will have more staff at the station to guide passengers.

The Metro operators also mentioned that as the expo takes place on work days, the passenger volume of Line 2 might be quite large. They suggested those who are going to the expo from the city take Line 10 and change to Line 2 at Hongqiao Railway Station to ease pressure on the line.

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