Eye injuries double over summer holidays: hospitals

Local hospitals said patients visiting the optical department doubled in the summer holiday, with eye injuries, infection and allergies high on the list of problems.

Local hospitals said patients at the optical department doubled in the summer holiday as compared to normal times. 

Eye injuries, infections and allergies due to swimming and myopia are the major issues leading child and teenage patients to seek help.

“Children suffering eye injuries due to accidents increased by 1.7 times at our hospital since July,” Dr Lian Jingcai, president of Xinshijie Eye Hospital said. “Most patients are aged between 10 and 15, with injuries like bullets from toy guns, pens and sports injuries very prevalent — about one tenth may have complications and influence vision in the future.”

Problems related with swimming are also rising significantly, including allergic reactions to chlorine in swimming pools, wearing contact lenses while swimming, and infections.

Myopia is the top reason students visit hospitals during the summer holiday, a condition which affects about two thirds of students.

“But only those aged 18 or higher can receive myopia surgery,” Lian said. “We received many students who had just finished the college entrance examination, who come here for myopia surgery.”

Experts said proper management of time for entertainment, exercise and study, as well as restricting usage of electronic devices, are important for myopia control and prevention.

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