Food deliveryman on 'fancy, gold e-bike' fined

The man painted his e-bike gold and made several illegal modifications which led to costly fines.

A food deliveryman spotted riding a golden e-bike was fined 750 yuan (US$110) for illegally modifying the bike, Shanghai police said on Tuesday.

A picture of the man riding the e-bike near the crossroads of Huanghe Road and Beijing Road W. in downtown Huangpu District was posted on the internet by a netizen a few days ago.

Huangpu police

The picture of the deliveryman posted online.

The e-bike in the picture sports a hand-written plate with "A88888" on the back in the style of a car plate. In China, the number eight has the implication of "getting rich."

Also, the e-bike in the picture had no pedals, and its original bike plate, also in the golden color, is hardly discernible.

Judging from the picture, the man has violated laws that ban the modification of a registered e-bike, as well as tarnishing or forging bike plates.

The district police said they noticed the post online and started their investigation.

Through street surveillance cameras, they managed to track the man down and stopped him near the crossroads of Fengyang Road and Xizang Road M. at about 3pm on Monday.

Huangpu police

Huangpu police caught the man on Monday afternoon after tracking him down through street surveillance cameras.

The deliveryman claimed that he modified his e-bike based on his taste and to "show his character," police said.

Besides handing out the fines, police have also seized the man's e-bike and will see to it that all illegal modifications are removed before it hits the street again.

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