Kids classes ease parents' summer blues

Jiading has set up children caring classes during the ongoing summer vacation, easing parents' major concern during the season.

Jiading has set up children caring classes during the ongoing summer vacation, easing parents’ major concern during the season.

Altogether 27 classes are available, serving more than 1,700 students, who can have fun with games or broaden their knowledge through a variety of courses, including environment protection, garbage sorting, martial arts and first-aid.

This year the classes have a larger involvement with as many as 900 volunteers and students in higher grade.

Each class is under the care of seven volunteers who are mainly college students, two more compared to last year.

Many parents said the classes are a relief for them. Now that the children are taken care of, they can focus on their work during the summer vacation.

A total of 300 events have been arranged for the vacation.

X-Cube, a comprehensive sports and culture center in Nanxiang Town, offers a new kind of exercise. This is a scooter that resembles a bicycle, with paddles or chains, and which originated in Germany.

A player is supposed to push against the ground with one foot and gain balance at the same time, during which the scooter will go forward.

“This kind of exercise puts the body in an active but relaxed mode, which facilitates brain development,” explained one of the workers who has been promoting the scooter.

In the children’s park, kids are enjoying a game of group frisbee. This involves players passing around the disc to gain points. The rules of the game allow no physical contact, which means parents need not worry about their wards getting hurt.

This sport has already been introduced in many international schools in Shanghai as a popular recreational event.

While children are having a good time during the summer break, teachers, who are always an object of envy due to the vacations, are actually refreshing their professional proficiency.

According to the education department, a summer vacation training session has kicked off for teachers, ranging from kindergarten to high school. The systematic training has been divided into six parts, focusing on different topics like the core issue of college and high school entrance exam reforms.

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