12-year-old boy illegally riding e-bike injures woman

The boy was assigned full responsibility for the accident and his parents paid 60,000 yuan (US$8,800) to the injured woman as a result.

A 12-year-old boy illegally rode an e-bike on the street and injured a woman, Shanghai police said on Thursday.

As a result, the boy’s parents paid 60,000 yuan (US$8,800) to the injured woman as compensation.

The accident took place on the morning of July 26 in suburban Songjiang District’s Xiaokunshan Town.

The boy was trying to overtake the woman but bumped into her e-bike, footage of a surveillance camera on the street showed.

Songjiang police
Songjiang police

The boy (right) and his mother.

Both fell to the ground, but while the boy suffered only slight injuries, the accident caused bone fractures to the woman's thigh.

The boy was assigned full responsibility because he is not allowed to ride an e-bike on the street at his age, and because of the “inappropriate operation of his e-bike” when overtaking the woman who was not violating traffic laws at the time, police said.

The boy allegedly said he was riding his mother’s e-bike “for practice” without telling her.

Police remind the public that according to China’s traffic laws, children under 16 years of age are not allowed to ride e-bikes, while those under 12 years old are not allowed to ride any bikes on public streets.

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