Qdaily ordered to shut down for a month

Without obtaining the qualification to run an Internet news service, Qdaily has illegally reported and forwarded news.
SSI ļʱ

China’s website Qdaily.com faces a monthlong shutdown by cyberspace authorities over illegal news reporting.

Without obtaining the required qualifications to run an Internet news service, Qdaily illegally reported and forwarded news, violating China’s Internet laws and regulations which, in turn, disturbed the dissemination of information on the Internet and caused negative impact, cyberspace administrations in Shanghai and Beijing said in a statement on Friday.

From August 3 to September 2, the Qdaily website, its mobile application, and Weibo and WeChat accounts will cease updating. The app will also not be available for download during the period in both the Appstore and various Android markets, authorities said.

Shanghai Cyberspace Administration has also decided to fine Shanghai Peipo Cultural Communication Co Ltd, the company that runs Qdaily, without announcing the amount.

Qdaily said it will strictly follow the orders and conduct thorough rectification.

SSI ļʱ
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