One-visit notary service expands citywide

A pilot program enabling people to visit physical notary offices for only once to get notarization certificates will be expanded citywide from next month.

A one-stop pilot notary service will be expanded to notary offices citywide starting next month, the Shanghai Justice Bureau announced yesterday. 

The range of documents eligible for notarization will also be expanded, from 38 to 103. 

New categories include kinship, stock rights, copyright and intellectual property right documents; supplementing currently eligible documents such as birth and death certificates, academic diplomas and professional qualifications.

Prior to the program, people often had to make multiple visits to notary offices and submit necessary materials online in order to get notarized certificates. The new program streamlines the online application process and also authorizes post offices and couriers to deliver notarized documents. 

The streamlined service is available to foreigners as well as Chinese.

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