Exhibitors gear up for annual book fair

Ke Jiayun
Books on traditional Shanghai culture will shine at the upcoming weeklong Shanghai Book Fair.
Ke Jiayun

China International Publishing Group will bring more than 5,750 books in 20-plus languages to the upcoming Shanghai Book Fair, held this year between August 15 and 21. Among this trove of tomes will be 4,000 foreign titles translated into Chinese.

Some of the books are related to Shanghai, such as “Biography of Shanghai” and “Shanghai Grand: Forbidden Love, Intrigue and Decadence in Old China.” 

“Biography of Shanghai” which will make its debut at the fair, is the first title in a series about cities along the Silk Road. It was written by Shanghai native Ye Xin and will later be translated into several foreign languages. 

Local district governments and publishers will also present books and host events on Shanghai’s culture and history during the fair.

Jing’an District plans to host lectures and exhibitions on its culture heritage. It has also invited experts to hold talks on cultural preservation.

Other speakers will discuss Shanghai’s traditions and famed local personages such as Soong Ching-ling.

Demonstrations on the making of local handicrafts will also be given during the week.

Shanghai Century Publishing (Group) Co will also bring to the fair a group of Shanghai-related books which represent the city’s culture from different angles. It will exhibit books on the city’s development, Shanghai-style seal cutting, local craftmen and folk songs.

Meanwhile, exhibitors from Guizhou will showcase the province’s traditional culture and handicrafts at the fair.

According to Wang Xiangeng, deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial Administration of Press, Publication and Television, as the guest province at this year’s fair, Guizhou will bring nearly 2,000 books as well as examples of its famed horsehair embroidery, silver ornaments and pottery.

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