Pet dogs need regular parasite treatment and bathing, experts said

China is a country that really loves pet dogs, but many don't know how to look after their pooches in the long run, experts say.

There are 34 million pet dogs in China, and more than 80 percent of owners said they view their pets as children or family members, recent research shows.

But with the quick increase of families with pets, the number of abandoned animals also rises, which results in a big increase of stray animals. 

Some pet owners abandoned pet dogs after they became pregnant or because of poor awareness around parasites, Shen Ruihong, secretary-general of the China Small Animal Protection Association said.

Dr Yang Qiqing, president of Shanghai Ailu Pet Hospital, said some pet owners just give their pets vaccinations but neglect regular parasite treatment which, along with regular bathing, protects pets as well as their owners.

Pet dogs can suffer repeated internal and external parasite infection, so regular parasite treatment is necessary and important, doctors said.

Experts said there are chewable parasite treatments for pet dogs on the market — pet owners can easily consult with professionals or veterinarians if they have any questions.

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