Peking opera classes held for foreign students

Shanghai Peking Opera Company's first foreigners' edition of the "Follow Me" training sessions began on August 20 in the city.

Shanghai Peking Opera Company’s first foreigners' edition of the “Follow Me” training sessions began on August 20 in the city.

Twenty students from Princeton University will receive three weeks of Peking Opera immersion training, covering classic Peking Opera excerpts and basic performing skills. The sessions will run till September 7. 

Celebrated theater artist Sherwood Hu and Peking opera artists such as Yan Qinggu, Chen Shaoyun and Shi Yihong will give workshops for the students and share their expertise about the art form, as well as aesthetics that are unique to the genre.

The students will also give their own performance at the end of the sessions, which will also be displayed in the United States.

According to Shan Yuejin, director of Shanghai Peking Opera Company, a total of 20 “Follow Me” training sessions have been held by Shanghai Peking Opera Company over the past 10 years, attracting more than 6,000 students.

Starting this year, “Follow Me” will open special sessions to attract more foreign students and expats to the traditional Chinese theater art. 

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