Putuo stands strong in face of typhoons

The district's authorities handled the four recent typhoons skilfully and professionally.

Putuo District has managed to deal with four major recent typhoons through dedicated preparations by local authorities.

Typhoons Ampil, Jongdari, Yagi and Rambia have made landfall since late July, bringing gales and heavy rainstorms.

The Putuo government and its various departments have worked around the clock to deal with each typhoon and ensure the safety of residents and the uninterrupted operation of businesses and services in the downtown area.

Cao Liqiang, the Party secretary of Putuo and Zhou Minhao, the district director, have led the efforts.

The district's housing authority inspected residential communities, relocation sites and construction sites ahead of the typhoons. Hundreds of residents were relocated temporarily to ensure their safety.

The Putuo police worked around the clock to maintain safety and the smooth flow of traffic.

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