One-night police crackdown combats crime

This was the second campaign on the heel of the last one on August 11.

Road blocks, fire safety examinations and criminal inspections marked another evening of an intense campaign to crack down on crime and various offenses all around the city on Tuesday.

Putuo police

A police officer from Putuo District checks a car.

Hongkou fire brigade

A fire brigade official checks fire equipment at a business venue in Hongkou District.

This was the second campaign on the heel of the last one on August 11.

Shanghai police announced in the early hours of Wednesday that the campaign identified about 420 public security offenses and criminal cases, discovered and punished 60,000 traffic violations, and uncovered about 3,800 violations of fire safety regulations.

Police said they set up road blocks to intercept and check suspicious vehicles and carried out a targeted crackdown on crimes in large trade markets and farmers’ markets.

On the streets, police stepped up checks of suspicious people and looked out for traffic offenses, including driving after drinking and drunk driving, while more police officers were patrolling the city’s Metro stations to crack down on pickpockets.

Fire authorities focused their inspections on shopping hubs and recreational venues, and also watched out for the illegal accommodation of people in venues zoned for business, as well as the illegal parking and charging of e-bikes.

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