Cloudy weather, showers forecast for next week

Ke Jiayun
The city is going to cool down a bit by weekend rain brought by a trough of low pressure. 
Ke Jiayun

Weekend rain is likely to cool the city down a bit with highs dropping slightly to 32 degrees Celsius, forecasters said.

Under subtropical high pressure yesterday, the benchmark Xujiahui weather station recorded a high of 33.7 degrees. Today, cloudy skies will remain with the mercury ranging from 27 to 33 degrees, along with a few brief scattered showers.

From tomorrow, a trough of low pressure will bring an increase in cloud cover. Showers can be expected at the weekend with the temperature fluctuating between 30 to 32 degrees.

Next week will be mostly cloudy with some showers.

The local vegetable market has not been affected much by flooding in Shouguang, Shandong Province, a major vegetable provider.

Earlier this month, Typhoon Rumbia wreaked havoc in Shouguang, causing damage to tens of thousands of greenhouses and fueling an increase in vegetable prices.

About 40 percent of vegetables in Shanghai come from local producers. For green vegetables, this proportion reaches 80 percent. Since vegetables from Shouguang only occupy a small proportion of the local market, the flooding had little influence on supply.

According to the Shanghai Agricultural Commission, the four typhoons which recently swept the city destroyed only a few greenhouses and did not affect production. However, hot weather and school demand means prices are rising slightly. Vegetable prices often increase in mid to late August.

The commission is ensuring that 3,700 tons of green vegetables produced by local farmers reach the market each day.

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