Man held for stealing coins from e-bike charging poles

Police said they discovered 1-yuan and 5-jiao coins worth 1,063 yuan (US$156) on the suspect when they caught him.

A man in suburban Songjiang District has been detained for allegedly stealing coins from e-bike charging poles, police said on Thursday.

The district's police received a report on August 13 that 2,000 1-yuan coins were stolen from e-bike charging poles in the compound of a company on Dongye Road, Dongjing Town.

From street surveillance cameras, police set their sights on a suspect before catching him on August 22.

Songjiang police

The suspect is seen stealing coins from an e-bike charging pole during the early morning of August 12.

Police said they discovered a red bag containing 1-yuan and 5-jiao coins worth 1,063 yuan (US$156) in total on the man who was riding a bike.

The suspect, surnamed Jin, has allegedly confessed to breaking open e-bike charging poles several times with a metal tool in order to steal coins across the district in August.

Jin allegedly said he realized such public charging poles are quite popular among residents, but that they are usually left unattended.

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