'Downtown restaurant knifing' a rumor: police

A man was slightly injured in an incident that took place at a restaurant in Lujiazui on Monday around noon, police said, but the story was later embellished online.

A story that someone knifed others at a restaurant in downtown Lujiazui area is just a rumor, police said on Monday.

The incident, after which such rumors quickly arose online, took place in a restaurant on the second floor of Gala Mall on 66 Yincheng Road on Monday noon, police confirmed.

A 28-year-old man, surnamed Zhou, a former worker at the restaurant, took a kitchen knife to seek revenge on a 20-year-old employee, surnamed Ma, over personal matters. He was subdued by other workers before anyone was injured by the knife, according to police.

Zhou suffered a bleeding nose due during the scuffle.

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