Shanghai company to work with leading medical specialists developing genome testing services

A full-genome sequencing has been available in health checkup and has been accepted by middle-aged people in recent years as an effective checkup method.

Shanghai's Wuxi HealthNet announced it has signed an agreement with Beijing Ivy Medical Expert League, a non-governmental organization consisting of top doctors, and local leading medical specialists in public hospitals like Zhongshan Hospital and Huashan Hospital to give follow-up medical intervention and services following the increasing popularity of full genome DNA testing.op

Full genome sequencing has been available during health check ups and accepted by middle-aged people in recent years, industry insiders told a forum in the city over the weekend.

With the popularity of such tests, it is important to set up a whole service process from testing to analysis, evaluation and follow-up intervention. Currently, many companies just offer genetic testing, while failing to give proper guidance and follow-up medical support.

Wuxi HealthNet hope to team up with medical specialists to offer those very services.

Full-genome sequencing can alert to the risk of several hundreds diseases and give guidance on individualized drug use. It is already widely available in the West and is becoming more and more popular in China.

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