Woman faces trial over sex game gone wrong

Prosecutors say an anesthetic bought online triggered respiratory failure and death.

Prosecutors have filed a case against a woman suspected of killing a man with an anesthetic administered to enhance his sexual pleasure.

The woman, surnamed Xiao, 27, from Sichuan Province, will be charged with negligent homicide, Minhang District People’s Procuratorate said. 

If convicted, she could face three to seven years in prison. 

Prosecutors said Xiao had come to Shanghai for work in 2014 and met a man, surnamed Jiang, online.

They said Xiao had bought several bottles of sevoflurane over the Internet and would put some drops on a piece of gauze and then cover Jiang’s mouth with it. She had used the method on him seven times before a fateful meeting on May 12, they said. 

When Jiang woke up that day, 10 minutes after inhaling the sevoflurane, he had asked for more. Xiao is said to have warned him of the risks of an overdose but he wouldn’t listen. After the second dose he failed to wake up. 

Xiao called an ambulance and attempted to resuscitate him, but he died before doctors arrived. Tests showed he had died of respiratory failure triggered by the inhalation of sevoflurane.

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