Big data app makes tax paying fun, almost

The city will ensure government services are as convenient as online shopping via the mobile version of "Shanghai Cloud."

Citizens can look forward to accessing government services as easily as their online shopping accounts soon, thanks to the latest upgrade to the “Shanghai Cloud” app — a one-stop government service platform.

Shanghai Cloud provides ways of using a variety of services including paying fees, checks on tax payments and personal credit reports, along with registration of digital cards like ID or library cards and driver’s licenses.

“Soon, we will have integrated all of our public service departments, and things will never have been so easy,” said Zhu Zongyao, director of Shanghai Big Data Center, which manages the app.

For example, if a couple hopes to get married on May 20 — an oversubscribed date for marriage because its pronunciation is similar to “I love you” in Chinese — they can use the app, instead of waiting for long, loveless hours outside an office. The risk of failure remains the same, but the saving on time and stress is considerable.

If you want a new passport, you just book a date through the app, and big data will help collect all the documentation needed.

“We hope to help people using all government services and make them as easy to use as online shopping,” Zhu said.

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