Jinshan cleans its creeks

Almost 300 polluted waterways to be dealt with by the end of the year

Jinshan District plans to clean up nearly 300 polluted creeks by the end of this year and will complete renovation of the water supply to old residential communities by October.

Jinshan water authority has already cleaned 185 creeks. It has 1,550 river chiefs and is now working on restoring the aquatic ecosystem. It has renovated about 4,670-kilometers of supply pipes since 2011.

There are tough punishment for companies that break the rules. This year it has asked 923 unlicensed firms to apply for drainage permits. By mid September, six of them had been fined a total of 570,000 yuan (US$83,000).

For companies on a list of major pollutant dischargers, 10 have been put on record and fined some 372,000 yuan.

Henggang River is in Jinshan’s second industrial zone and used to be severely polluted and silted up. The river has been treated since October, 2016, with surface water and sewage separated and new channel opened. The environment along river riverbanks has also been improved. On Thursday the water of river was found almost completely clean.

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