Focus on spreading the knowledge

Jiading is home to more than 300 firms with connections to scientific research institutions, achieving a total gross output of 10 billion yuan (US$1.46 billion) a year.
Focus on spreading the knowledge
Ti Gong

Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jiading is home to more than 300 firms with connections to scientific research institutions, achieving a total gross output of 10 billion yuan (US$1.46 billion) a year.

The research institutions constantly promote the upgrading of Jiading’s industrial development with their scientific and technological innovations and knowledge spillover has become the focus of the district’s innovation and development.

The district, in cooperation with the strategic consulting center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is investing 4 billion yuan in 16 major industrial projects and 11 industrial platforms.

At the same time, 2.2 million temperature sensor products from the 8-inch “More than Moore” Research and Development Pilot Line have been delivered. The pilot line is operated by the Jiading-based Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute.

The role of science and technical innovation in regional economic growth is becoming more important.

To this end, Jiading has constructed a service chain to develop business incubation, technology transfer and transformation, scientific and technological consultation, intellectual property rights and other services.

New tech application 

An advanced laser technology innovation center established by Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone and the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics has partnered with a number Jiading-based tech firms to develop projects that include laser radar and titanium gemstones.

In the field of laser processing equipment and technology for the development of recently launched new energy vehicles, the research team is working on laser processing technology of aluminum alloy for vehicle bodies, auto parts and components, aluminum alloy and other materials used for new energy vehicles.

The study will promote the application of laser processing technology in industries such as new energy vehicles and provide scientific and technological support for China’s automobile and aerospace, locomotive, shipbuilding and other fields.

Jiading is prioritizing the application of new technologies on the basis of industry-university research collaboration.

Apart from the first domestic proton treatment device and the diagnostic imaging center of Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co, more projects are benefiting people through knowledge spillover in Jiading.

Not long ago, the name board of the Clinical Acoustics Joint Laboratory was hung in a room at Jiading Central Hospital. Chen Youyuan, head of the laboratory, spent three days a week collecting research samples of normal hearing and hearing impaired by acoustic equipment.

“Once the research results apply to clinical practice, it will change the hearing test methods commonly used nowadays and provide more objective evaluation criteria for rapid diagnosis of hearing impairment in special groups,” Chen said. The laboratory was established by the Shanghai Acoustics Laboratory and Jiading Central Hospital. It is for cooperation in hearing screening and diagnosis, auditory perception and compensation, speech assessment and rehabilitation, research work of biomedical ultrasound and other technologies.

At the same time, compound talents with both scientific research and clinical abilities can be trained to promote the spillover of scientific and technological achievements.

Through knowledge spillover, Jiading aims to enhance the influence of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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