City's history told in pictures

Photograph exhibition opens at the top of Shanghai's tallest building.
Ti Gong

A photograph of the Bund in the 1980s brings back memories for a couple of city residents.

Ti Gong

The Bund as it was in the 1980s

An exhibition of photographs celebrating the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up was launched on Thursday at the top of Shanghai Tower, the city's tallest building.

The images are of city landmarks such as the Bund, the former Expo site and the two sides of the Suzhou Creek from 1978 to 2018 to showcase the city’s development over the past 40 years thanks to the country's economic reform.

A video playing in the exhibition hall captures some of the city's greatest moments, such as the opening of the country's first 24-hour convenience store in 1970 and the construction of the Shanghai Baosteel Factory in 1978.

The exhibition will be on for two weeks at the 546-meter-high Top of Shanghai Observatory on the 119th floor of Shanghai Tower. There, visitors can have a 360-degree bird’s view of the city while learning about its history from pictures.

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