Refurbished dorm building features face recognition, fingerprint lock, and many more ...

The 6th dormitory building, on the east campus of Shanghai Normal University, used to be one of the shabbiest.
Ti Gong

The East 6 Dormitory Building at Shanghai Normal University.

A dormitory building at Shanghai Normal University has become an online sensation with beautiful decoration and intelligent appliances.

The 6th dormitory building, on the east campus of the university in Xuhui District, used to be one of the shabbiest buildings on the campus.

After undergoing overall renovation during the summer vacation, it is now considered the university's most beautiful dormitory.

Unlike the other buildings with gray concrete walls, the building is in bright green, yellow, white and orange.

The five-story building has 72 rooms, accommodating 335 male senior students majoring in business, tourism and humanities. Each student only have to pay 800 yuan (US$116.48) a year.

With face recognition technology, students can enter by standing in front of the scanners for a few seconds.

Strangers whose face images and personal information are not in the system cannot enter the building.

But students can still meet friends in shared spaces in a two-floor building nearby.

To get into the dorm, students can unlock the door with their fingerprints instead of keys.

“I really like the fingerprint lock because I’m so careless that I always forget to take along keys with me.” said Zhou Xiao, a business school student. “Now, I don’t have to carry the keys with me any more.”

While most students in the university need to leave their dormitory building for another architecture to take bath, students of the new building have independent bath rooms inside the building.

On each floor, there are also faucets for direct drinking water and rubbish bins for students to sort trash before dropping.

On the roof of the building, there is glasshouse with washing machines, where students can scan the QR codes to pay for the laundry and dry clothes even on rainy days.

At the lobby of the building, there is a screen for students to order repairs.

Netizens express their envy after seeing the dorm on the Internet.

"It's a pity that I have graduated," one Weibo user wrote. "May I live in it if I enter the university to get a master degree?" 

Ti Gong
Yang Meiping / SHINE

The face recognition facility at the gate of the building 

Yang Meiping / SHINE

Zhou Xiao, a senior student majoring in business, enters the building by having his face scanned.

Yang Meiping / SHINE

Zhou Xiao opens the door of his room with his fingerprint.

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