University launches global governance academy

New body to support exchanges with other countries and boost city's 'four brands'
SSI ļʱ

Shanghai International Studies University has launched an academy for global governance and area studies.

Established with support from the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai government, it will facilitate the nation's participation in global governance and exchanges with other countries and support the city in its efforts to build itself into a global center for economy, trade, finance, shipping and scientific innovation, and the building of Shanghai’s “four brands” in services, manufacturing, shopping and culture.

The university said the academy began research during its preparation period on national conditions, social conditions and people in Belt and Road countries to set up a special database for global governance and area studies. It has organized experts and delegations from those countries to carry out field investigations in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Middle Asia and provided suggestions on the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative and Shanghai's development.

The academy aims to become a high-end think tank, a base to cultivate high-ranking talent and an information database and platform for international public opinion research.

It will also set up postgraduate classes of global civilization history research, mutual learning and integration of civilizations, European integration studies and methodology of area studies and will launch cross-school education programs with other universities and institutions.

SSI ļʱ
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