Librarians reading from the same page

Yangtze River Delta directors agree on cooperation and high-quality development of services in the region.
Ti Gong

Librarians from the Yangtze River Delta after they signed an agreement at a recent conference in Shanghai.

Librarians from the Yangtze River Delta signed an agreement to promote cooperation and higher-quality development of public services at a recent conference in Shanghai.

The participating organizations included the libraries and institutes of scientific and technical information in Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces.

Their directors agreed to a three-year action plan to enhance existing cooperation, including an alliance for sharing resources to organize free public lectures and another for organizing audio reading.

They also agreed to launch a reading marathon, a joint public consultation center and regular reports on the development of libraries in the region.

They also discussed the possibility of establishing a third alliance to promote the practice of enabling readers to use their personal credit to enjoy library services, instead of cash deposits.

The directors also decided to research topics such as the system of sharing scientific resources and development of a comprehensive scientific service platform for the regional city cluster.

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